The Cult Knows Better

… Than Christians when it comes to the Bible, or so we’re repeatedly assured by the Death Cult.

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The character of the smug atheist who can quote Scripture chapter and verse better than Christian rubes from central casting is a shopworn oldpub cliche. Neither the fact that it’s a dead meme nor that it’s an obvious lie stops the Death Cult from reciting it like a litany.

More Atheists 2

Their Twitter handles give their game away. No one blasphemes Thor, because no one believes in Thor. These two accounts aren’t nonbelievers rationally making their case for nonbelief. They’re proselytes beholden to a heretical offshoot of Christianity. They know that whoever holds the moral high ground wins, and they know damn well that Christian morality is the moral standard of the West.

That’s why the Death Cult can’t propose a moral vision truly distinct from Christianity. Instead, they must always try to present themselves as the legitimate arbiters of the Christian moral code.

This is why the Witch Test is not just effective, but 100% effective at identifying these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Note that you don’t see Death Cultists claiming to know the Koran better than Muslims. That is because enough Muslims have shown themselves willing and able to exact a toll on those who insult Islam.

It’s a foreign concept to most people reading this post, but Christians were once willing and able to impose a cost–though more economic and social–for violating the moral traditions of the Church.

What happened? Christians in the West spent so long living among other Christians that our defenses atrophied–much like people who are never exposed to pathogens develop weak immune systems.

Now that the social and economic costs are being levied against Christians, lukewarm and nominal hangers-on are boiling off. Those who remain are like survivors of a plague–immune to the same attack. And the enemy has only one tactic.

The increasingly shrill–and yes, desperate–babbling from the Death Cult betrays their awareness of this dynamic. To their credit, they do have a base, animal sense of which way the wind is blowing which keeps them more in tune with the currents of social change than most Christians.

The tweets above, and the myriad others like it, don’t arise from triumphal gloating over a cornered foe. They are the nervous mutterings of inmates who are locked here with us in the civilization we built.

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