Preserving Comic History

We’re hip-deep into the restoration process of Dynamite Thor. My colorist is getting better with each page, and here’s some side-by side ocmparisons. We’re doing our best to maintain the integrity of the original colors but make sure everything pops and looks fresh for a great modern reading experience on quality paper.


I think a lot of our culture is obsessed with “new”, and part of my mission both in what I review on Youtube with the old Epic Collection material and doing this is to make sure we preserve our comic book history.

We can only learn a way forward if we’re intimately familiar with our past. This era is called the Golden Age of comics for a reason. The ideas were off the wall and wonderful, everything was lighthearted and fun, there was a true sense of wonder to comics back then that a lot of books are missing today. Also the storytelling with full stories in a single issue is almost non-existent anymore.

Comics is a beautiful medium which has so much to offer, and we’re going to bring it back for you in ways no one else is doing. I’m so excited to bring you the original Dynamite Thor and my reimagined version with brand new original content and more than 50 pages of new story.

It’ll be coming to Kickstarter soon. You’ll be able to get Dynamite Thor and Dynamite Thor classic and experience one of the whackiest superheroes ever created.

Today on YouTube I’ll be announcing my cover artist for the book. He’s one of the all-time greats and I can’t wait to show you. Subscribe now! 

And you don’t have to wait to get great comics. Grab Clockwork Dancer #1 and support indies in the arts!  It’s only $2.99 digital for New Comic Book Day!

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