Witches’ Most Brain Dead Argument

Indignant Christ

A witch showed up in the comments over at author Alex Hellene’s blog to throw his unearned moral weight around. The host and other commenters responded accordingly.

James 1

Freqnent Kairos commenter Xavier took the first swing at the witch piñata.

James lies about Planned Parenthood’s well-documented baby part trafficking and doubles down on the charge of hypocrisy. He’s clearly an SJW, but it’s the sarcastic jab about Jesus being proud and the later mention of, “your Christian faith” that gives off the whiff of brimstone.

Alex correctly intuits James’ infernal influence, replies with a meme that shows he’s got James’ number, and bans him. But like the cat who probably serves as his familiar, the witch comes back.

James 3

Author JD Cowan with the bonus mockery.

My Catholic systematics grind slower than Orthodox intuition, but I finally arrive to administer the Witch Test.

James 4

It’s been almost twenty-four hours with nary a peep from the suspected witch, though the host and another commenter easily pass with flying colors.

The verdict: James tests positive for witchery. Recommended actions: ban and spam.

It’s a great comfort and a sign of God’s blessing that the Witch Test continues to gain traction among the Christian faithful online. Its power springs from denying our enemy the unwarranted moral authority his arguments rely on. Wield it with justice and charity!

And please, support my work so I can continue arming the Church militant in the holy war for Western culture!

UPDATE: Despite multiple bans and having his witchery unmasked, the witch just can’t help himself.

James 5

This is the internet equivalent of his spinning head vomiting pea soup. Note the cognitive dissonance tells:

  • Jokeless laugh
  • Personal attacks
  • Typos indicating furious typing
  • Continued evasions
This is how you know that witches hate, hate HATE having their pretensions to moral authority stripped away, and why the Witch Test is an indispensable weapon.

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