The Purpose of Your Life


… could be to serve as a warning to others.

As Devon Stack learned when he stepped outside his comfort zone to document the wreckage left in the wake of a wasted life.

As with all of Stack’s videos, this one is worth every second of your time:

I’ve seen the MGTOW debate flaring up again in my circles lately. In my estimation, both sides have sober and thoughtful arguments that are honestly directed toward attaining the good–or at least avoiding evil.

On the one hand, we must extend sympathy to young men whose odds of financial and emotional ruin at the hands of feral women in the family courts rest on a coin toss.

On the other hand, Western civilization now stands in a state of war. It is always a culture’s hale young men who are called upon to defend against the barbarian at the gate.

In this case, the barbarians are already inside the gates, and many of them are our own women.

Women & Men Vote

Relevant to this issue, the female preference for the Death Cult isn’t as pronounced among married women.

Yes, young men are being asked to jump on a grenade that has a 50/50 chance of being live. Young men have been asked–and expected–to do the same throughout history. Society calls upon men to sacrifice our fortunes and lives because, biologically speaking, we are the expendable sex.

Complaining about that fact won’t change it. That’s why, however pure their intentions, MGTOWs will always be viewed as whiners by society at large.

Now, there’s a big factor in the marriage vs. MGTOW debate that everybody misses. They miss it because it’s a spiritual dimension, and as late Moderns we’ve been conditioned to regard spiritual matters as tertiary concerns at best.

That overlooked dimension is the matter of a man’s vocation to a particular state in life. If your’re working from a default view of man as a bald ape produced by blind chemical processes, marriage doesn’t make much sense. Simply spreading your genes around has never been easier, and you can do it without fear of shame while maintaining your personal autonomy.

And to counter the point implied by the title of Stack’s post, nobody would remember Carl even if he did get married. Having kids just extends the countdown to the day you’re forgotten.

Without looking it up or asking a relative, name your great-grandfather. OK, your great-great grandfather. Your great-great-great grandfather?

Da Vinci never had children. Newton never had children. Christ never had children.

Clearly, that’s hyperbolic, but you get the point. There are other, and sometimes better, ways to establish a legacy than having children.

But again, focusing on worldly benefit misses the point. God has a plan of salvation for every human being, and He wills that each of us adheres to a specific state in life as a part of that plan.

God intends for the vast majority of people to marry, so much so that marriage can be considered the normative state.

A few people are called to the religious life.

Some men are called to the priesthood.

And that’s pretty much it.

At the end of the day, MGTOWs are making the same, “Muh stuff,” argument that dissident atheists make. They want the freedom to enjoy their preferred creature comforts without fear of barbarians pillaging their stuff–via taxes and social decay for the atheist and divorce rape for the MGTOW.

The first question everybody should ask, and the only one that will help you beat the Death Cult, is “What is God’s will for my life?”

If you’re like the vast majority of people, He wants you to get married.

Now, is it possible that God may will someone who’s not under religious vows or holy orders to abstain from marrying. Sure. It’s rare, but it could certainly happen.

One big sign that God may not want you to marry is that you simply have no desire to marry. I’m not talking about cads who just want the milk without paying for the cow. I’m talking about the rare breed of men who aren’t interested in fornication–or any form of sexual immorality, and can get along just fine without female company. Our licit desires and dispositions are good indicators of God’s will for us because He uses them to lead us onto the path He’s set. You might ask, “Why don’t these guys just go be priests?” The reason is that if a man isn’t properly disposed to be a temporal father, he’s not disposed to be a spiritual father.

Rare cases aside, most MGTOWs do have sex drives but have sworn off marriage to avoid getting raked over the coals in divorce court. In the spiritual context, it’s not hard to see that this movement is largely a result of the vocations crisis following Vatican II. A lot of MGTOWs are probably guys with frustrated vocations to the priesthood or religious life.

The point is, you’re never going to find fulfillment by exclusively pursuing your material self-interest. True fulfillment only comes from sacrificing yourself for others.

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