Student Debt Jubilee Now

Student Debt

Zero Hedge reports that college tuition has grown at more than double the rate of inflation.

As the issue of college affordability continues to be a prominent talking point on the campaign trail ahead of the 2020 presidential election, a new study shows that the cost of a college education is still increasing at a rate that far outpaces inflation.

The study, put out by the financial technology company Self, found that on average, college costs have risen $2,835 since 2015, increasing 112 percent more than the rate of inflation during the same period.

This remorseless gouging of those least able to afford it is unjustifiable graft. And it’s no use trying to use colleges’ own rising expenses as a shield.

Texas education watchdog Mark Pulliam told The College Fix in an email that the increase in costs in Texas was likely due to an increase in bureaucratic hirings.

Schools are financially crippling eighteen year-olds for life to set up cushy sinecures for bureaucrats who play no role in educating those students.

Being duped into paying money for no gain used to be called fraud.

What’s more, Texas colleges and universities are not alone, he added, noting that while 40 years ago faculty outnumbered administration by roughly 2 to 1 nationwide, today the proportions are nearly equal.

Generation Y and the Millennials, the two cohorts that have been most screwed over by academia’s greed, will soon be the largest voting bloc in America.

If I were a presidential candidate in a tight race, I’d make a student debt jubilee a key plank of my platform.

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