Faith Is Making Waves In Fiction – A Monk’s Tale

Not a fantasy monk in a story, but a real life monk.

I’m fresh back from 20BooksTo50K’s Vegas conference, super energized by the way high powered authors are transforming the industry to be more independent minded and really be about the BOOKS and not petty squabbling.

Yesterday, the I couldn’t get the blog up because the wifi at Sam’s Town where the event was at was blocking the blog and calling it “malware” so I’ll try to do a stream later on YouTube as a wrap up (subscribe!).

This morning though, I started reading about how a monk went in and wrote a fantasy novel to provide worship to the Lord and is getting in on our Cruci-Fiction side of things with a real story of heroism and faith.

I love to see this spreading, and this was mentioned over on the Speculative Faith website. 

“How wonderful would it be,” I thought, “to evangelize through fantasy adventure.”

Glorifying God in a fantastical world with Him as the one true God would do just that.

How wonderful indeed. On the plane back I got asked about my Fight The Good Fight t-shirt by my seat neighbor. I ended up being able to talk about God to him for an hour and a half, and he listened intently. What better way to show our praise than to use every moment to make disciples. This is the t-shirt I wore. 

Deus vult!

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