Everyone Already Home Schools


… so why pay the state to propagandize your kids for an additional seven hours a day?

Author and educator David V. Stewart lodges this objection–among many others–to our schools’ pointless habit of assigning children homework.

I think that the benefits to homework are pretty much nil, and it’s nothing but negative consequences. But it is a thing which has been so heavily ingrained into the American academic experience, people can’t think of not having homework. Parents can’t think of their kids not having homework. If their kids don’t have homework, then maybe the teacher’s not doing enough. Teachers can’t think of notgiving kids homework because, “What if somebody judges me negatively for not giving homework?” And of course students don’t want homework, but I don’t need to say any more about them. 

Well, I think homework is something that is for the birds. I don’t think that teachers should give it, and let me give you a couple of reasons why.

So first of all, built into every homework assignment is the claim that the school day is not long enough. There’s been some some legislation introduced recently, in couple states I think, to lengthen the school day to like eight or ten hours. And people find this abhorrent. They’re like, “No, you can’t make kids go to school for ten hours!” 

We already make them go to school for ten hours. They just go to school with the teacher for like seven and a half hours and then with their parents for two hours. So yes, parents of public school kids, you are still engaging in homeschooling because you have to teach them how to do their homework when they come home.

Meanwhile, homeschooling parents finish their kids’ entire school day in the time it takes parents of public and private school kids to help them with their homework. Yet homeschooled students have long outperformed their Prussian model counterparts.

David’s highly insightful video is well worth watching, especially for any parent who still has kids in the public school system.

The real reason that social engineers and their willing tools like Kamala Harris want to lengthen the school day to ten hours has nothing to do with academics. They want even more unfettered access to your children so that intellectually and spiritually, they may become their children.

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