#20BooksVegas Day 1 Recap! #20BooksTo50K

What a great time.

I flew in yesterday morning and missed a lot of the early activities, but got my badge quickly and went into the panel where several industry professionals were speaking — and I’m not talking just authors telling you how to write like most conferences, but representatives from Amazon, Ingram Spark, Podium Audiobooks, ACX, Bookbub and more. Real companies that actually help with the business.

The best part of the conference from a business perspective (as a more experienced author) is the ability to talk with these people once identified and talk to them about questions I might have about their platforms and features I’d like to see to help me with my advertising and product placements.

It’s really awesome.

Of course, there was a nice space opera panel as well, which I went to so I could support my boy Richard Fox (who you should be reading if you aren’t) plus my favorite author Lindsay Buroker. A real star-studded team of people who are making huge money in the field to draw on their wealth of experiences.

But the business focus is where this is different. This isn’t a “you can write your first story and make sure to revise revise and kill yourself to find an agent!” type of old and busted conference, this is a forward-focused group always trying to find the next tech and leg up and share it with each other so we can thrive and be ahead of the old and busted publishing groups.

There’s a lot of fun to be had for day 2 as well. I’ll try to catch up later. Look for a bit of content on my YouTube channel. Today I’ll have an interview with the head of Ingram Spark going up. Subscribe! 

And check out my books if you’re knew. My Nano Templar series is changing the industry and lighting science fiction ablaze with the fire of the Spirit. Read it here.

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