The Deplatformings Continue

It never stops, in fact, it’s going to ramp up before the 2020 election. The intent of these tech companies are going to be to remove all content which could even be remotely linked to people voting positively for Donald Trump.

You’ve probably heard by now that Stefan Molyneux, one of the premier philosophers out there, softspoken guy who ruffles a lot of establishment media feathers by going after pedophilia advocates, was removed from paypal’s services. He’s been deplatformed from receiving money, which is the next step in their warfare. We can’t use the commerce platforms, we can’t even transfer funds. In this case, it’s a clear situation where they want to prevent Stefan from covering anything related to Trump or his opponents in the next election, as his message spreads far and wide.

All the left-wing sites are cheering it on. I won’t link the news stories. Just search Stefan.

But there was another, lesser known deplatform yesterday as well. Alexander AJ Cortes — a personal fitness trainer and friend of mine who focuses solely on men’s self-improvement, rarely if ever even talks politics, was removed from Twitter. They said he violated their “hateful conduct” policy, but was not given a reason as to why. Someone clearly targeted him in this because they don’t like someone standing up for men being stronger.

It’s absurd that a personal trainer can be hit. I really want folk to support Alexander, because he’s a great guy. He’s got a mailing list which is very useful, usually giving tips for fat burning or workout or some other element of self-improvement, it’s one of the few mailing lists I’ve stayed on since it provides very useful content.  Link is here.

They’re gonna keep happening. They hit my book last week, now these gentlemen. Get the messages now before you can’t anymore. They’ll be disconnecting us all soon. Glorified is back up on amazon in it’s full glory, buy and read this banned book today. 

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