The Importance of Morale

Posts like this morning’s from Vox Day get me fired up:

If you’re going to be a despair nancy, just go away now. Take that weak, worrisome “I just fear bad things will happen to people who are braver than me” bullshit to Hell from whence it came. You are literally worse than useless.

Very true. Look, we’re all taking risks out here. Anyone who advocates for anything but The Narrative to ANY DEGREE is a target. It doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what you say, they will come after you.

It doesn’t matter if you go “Uhm Libertarian I voted for Obama” — you are not pure enough for their inquisition.

All the haters always come from a position of fear, that if they “associate”, if they “lend their legitimacy” to someone more right wing than them, they’ll get ostracized further somehow. They want back with the establishment and hope by showing how fearful they are, that they will somehow suddenly be shown virtuous and win their Hugo Award they always wanted.

They worship the culture like they should be worshipping God.

Their goals are to please the establishment and get them to “see” because they’re boomer-lites. That is what fear does.

I chose to have none of it, to do what I’m going to do regardless. I have a vision, I have a plan. I have ideals which will guarantee me persecution but are the only true light. I’m not worried because my salvation is guaranteed. I will speak my mind and don’t need any negging to slow me down. This is 100% the same for Vox.

I hope you’ll join us. We’re stronger and more fun because we don’t sit around worrying about gossip like a bunch of women.

It’s a big leap and it can hurt to rip off the band aid, but it’s more fulfilling because you’ll have true purpose.

Join the crusade now and pick up Justified, the book transforming science fiction with masculine, Christian ideals.

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