When Matter Does Not Matter

April 30, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

I very much like the comic strip Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, but I have a problem with the following comic, and I think it’s important enough to talk about: It’s a cute comic, and I’ve […]


They Don’t Believe Nothing…

April 30, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

This is a scene from a Game of Thrones watching party at a small pub–one of many which take place weekly around the world. Including on Easter Sunday. That’s not a picture of people passively enjoying […]


Deus Vult O’Clock

April 29, 2019 Declan Finn 0

You know things are bad when I don’t even want to write a shootout. So I’m taking this little lull from writing at the moment to talk with you people about, well, what the Hell […]

Jon Del Arroz

Back To The Grind!

April 26, 2019 jdelarroz 0

As if I ever left it… but it feels like during crowdfund campaigns I spend a lot more time promoting than I do writing (cuz I do). It drains the heck out of me, believe […]


At Least They’re Being Honest

April 26, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Leftists are flocking to Satanism, which shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve been following this blog. The Satanic Temple is the perfect religion for progressives.  You can believe anything you want, as long as you hate […]