The Last Jedi and Fake Reviews


We already knew that The Last Jedi was a con. Now proof has surfaced that the reviled Star Wars movie’s ridiculously high Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score is likewise a sham.

Geeks and Gamers reports on leaked audio from Fanboys director Kyle Newman, who admitted that Rian Johnson’s abomination was just as poorly received in Hollywood as everywhere else. Kyle goes on to confirm that film critics felt pressured to give the movie positive reviews on pain of losing their access to future Disney projects. Skip to 2:52 to hear Kyle’s audio.

From the transcript:

internally there’s all these even journalists that gave it positive reviews or like I do that because I need to maintain my access 

Access journalism is cancer, and critic reviews are fake news.

Prediction: Regardless of its actual merits, when Episode IX comes out, NPCs will hail it as “the best of the sequel trilogy” solely for not being The Last Jedi.

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