Thoughts on the first batch of comics from Castalia House

I’m talking both Arkhaven and Dark Legion here, and we’ve got four books to discuss.

Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted #1: Well, Ethan van Scriver and Diversity and Comics both gave this one such a bad time. It didn’t deserve all of that. The art is not great, true, but there’s no problem with the text heavy spots. It’s a different book. They are kind of right on the generic panel bit happening, which might work well if they decide to eventually take this another direction: motion comics, which are part comic animatic(easier with simpler styles/figures), and part audio book. I could see that working well, actually.

Right Ho, Jeeves #1: A Binge at Brinkley: I’d not read any Wodehouse before, and honestly wouldn’t have, but Chuck Dixon adapting this with Gary Kwapisz on art, his collaborator from Civil War Adventures? Sure, I’ll check it out. And I’m amazed. This is light, funny, and the art is top notch and filled with detail, yet more caricatured than Kwapisz’ other work. I look forward to the rest.

Rebel Dead Revenge #1: Stonewall’s Arm: Mr. Gary Kwapisz with a solo work, and the first Dark Legion book, which Vox has stated is done and I believe about 300 pages. The art here is far more realistic in style. The story in just issue one has enough racial material that I doubt any other publisher would touch it, never mind the story’s quality of art and writing. Yeah, this is a really well done book. I believe the phrase is, “Shut up and take my money!”

eCONcomics: Well, this is interesting. The art, from what I can tell, is there to keep your attention, and help focus on concepts. And yes, there are some sequential sections, but Mr. Keen doesn’t quite get to presenting concepts in the comic book idiom. The concepts are all in text, which is fine, and his writing on economics isn’t a problem. I’m less convinced that economics is a subject that can be well done in comics, that is properly using its unique advantages. This book certainly did not to that end.

Now, overall, I’m really happy with these. The pricing might seem a bit high, but there are NO ads, which typically litter comics every few pages. I’m interested in what the physical will look like, but will wait until the collections hit most likely. Is it a great start? No, but I’d say it’s very solid, with only eCONcomics being one I wouldn’t recommend, and Quantum Mortis less strongly recommended, only because so many comic fans are art focused.

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