The Superversive From the East: A New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Series Comes

I’ve previous proclaimed that one of the best works of science fiction anime out of Japan is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and I have claimed that this is Superversive. Now there is a new adaptation of the original light novels coming to television in a few months in Japan. There is a teaser trailer for it, and someone took the time to subtitle that teaser into English, which I’ve embedded below.

If there is a good opportunity to get in on this fantastic Space Opera, and you find the prospect of watching 110 episodes of a half-hour television series daunting (not including the many prequel stories), then this is what you’re looking for.

The anime business is not what it was even a decade ago; releases in Japan come West far faster now than they have previously. There is a license deal in place, so I do expect that something will be formally announced later this year regarding an official Western release- especially if the series will air on American television. If this interests you, then I would keep an eye out for that (or, at the least, English subtitles on the official home video release out of Japan).

In the mean time, I reiterate the recommendation of the original novels. You can get them on Amazon in print and Kindle, in English. You will not be disappointed.