A Little New Year’s Cheer: Shake-Up in the Anime Business

As we move into the New Year, it’s good to take notice of the changing circumstances in the wider world of the entertainment business- specifically the anime business. As I go into here, there’s a sea-change going on in the anime business and it has to do with Western money funding anime series production.

If you know the usual route by which a series gets into production, in terms of content adaptation, you’ll see that there’s an opening here that should not be ignored. Just as Japan has given so much stuff that’s surprisingly Superversive, that also means that there’s an audience for Superversive anime- and they aren’t getting enough stuff to adapt.

Guess who can fill that gap? Three chances, and the first two don’t count.

Talk it out at your New Year’s parties. There’s a good reason right there to be excited for next year, and that’s only one of many.