The Last Closet: A Reaction

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After I read this sordid history concerning the life and times of Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley through the abused eyes of their daughter, Moira, I spent time in prayer. The two of them are dead and I am no Catholic to pray for their post-physical body death souls, so I spent time on the living Moira, her family, and the readers of this book. During those moments, I was given an image of a dark spire falling, to the cheers of people I found familiar, being the members of Superversive Press and others of like ideological bent.

The interpretation is clear, by writing this book and persevering through the grace of Christ, Moira Greyland Peat has pushed through the leagued forces of the enemy and directly attacked one of their most cherished fastnesses: That the sick, lovecraftian fantasy that those with sexual dysfunctions can be just as good parents as those without them. Even in the nerd/geek subcultures, the dysfunctions come to the front and sap the child’s abilities to succeed in life, even if they are not actively attempting destruction. Indeed, as more men and women like her come forward, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the illusion of the ‘Utopia’ of those degenerates and their kind. Indeed, the destruction is so messy, it paints the defenders of the rubble with their defendants crimes!

I chose the word ‘dysfunction’ carefully. While my first emotional reaction to reading it was “How I would like to take their heads in my hands and SQUEEZE!”. My second went the other way. “How did these people FUNCTION so long?” Time and time again, beyond their mental skills, they are proved inept at handling simple tasks. You might find it strange for me to focus on it for all the horrors and terrors that abound in this book, but to me it is of upmost importance.

These people, who bred and left marks on the cultures they joined to, could barely cook, handle their hygiene, read social cues, do laundry, drive and a whole host of other things. Their brilliance aside, what’s the use of a genius who will starve himself to death, given the opportunity? And I don’t mean to make light here. If Walter Breen hadn’t died of cancer when he did (and the prisoners didn’t beat him to death like they were working up to) I would bet on malnutrition.

Their goals were poorly chosen and dysfunctional as well. They talked of a new society from Christian ‘prudishness’ and Patriarchy. Let us look to Aeneas, who had no loftier goal than a new Troy away from Greek brutality. Aeneas, smart, virtuous yet he could fight with a sword, lead men, organize a camp, hold religious rites and a thousand other things required of a man who had such a vision for a new world. For all the talk, and Walter loved to talk, of those men who believed such, they were merely perverts, thieves of youths and drug addicts. Pedophiles and pederasts, hebephiles and rapists!

They were incompetent even in their own evil! How often I saw that, while they certainly had power over Moira and evil powers sought her destruction at many instances, things moved to protect her, or provide some hobby or group to take her away for a time. I hope God remembers Serpent and his wife, the stable owners and the Faire goers, who did their best, but ultimately shied away from calling the police for fear of being disbelieved or causing some new outrage.

It may be surprising to read this, but those emotions were wholly alien to me. If I were a younger man, I would have been wholly unable to sympathize at all. Evil deserves to be burned out, even at the cost of self, after all. What is it to me if I am banned from such and such a venue or culture, if I did good? God repays such, by the end, if I did it according to his will. But that is probably more of a passed down trait from my father and my study into the Word, than anything else.

In fact, let me tell you a personal story to illustrate this, for parables are a spoonful of sugar. My father used to be a pastor at a small church in Illinois, near STL but still quite rural. He was a new graduate from various Bible universities in the area and was hired on the expectation that he would be easy to mold into a permissive pastor who would let the mostly related and quite corrupt congregation do as they pleased.

Now, what they got was a hard-headed angry man who would not budge a single inch on any spiritual subject. He even performed miracles, like healing a brain tumor of the family’s patriarch. Once, after he stopped them stealing from the offerings, they brought in a black belt to deal with him. Now, my dad is six-two/three and thinks nothing of working heavy labor all day, even in his fifties, nothing less would handle him without high-caliber bear hunting rifles. When the time came from the black belt to throw him out in the middle of service, the man reported that he heard a voice tell him “if you stand up, I’ll kill you before you touch him.” The man later begged forgiveness of my parents with tears in his eyes. They even tried to attack my father through sexually abusing me and my sister, but Dad came upon them before they succeeded, not that I remember that instance, being a young toddler at the time, and one with a terrible memory besides. It ended with the patriarch randomly falling over dead, with that tumor dad prayed away eating his entire brain in a minute as he mowed the lawn.

Now, my dad has issues so wide and deep you could pass a cargo-ship through them lengthways and while pretending to be a submarine, and he sadly thinks therapists are anathema. His spiritual acumen is not one of his flaws, and while some things I must be give to God, it’s the greatest well-spring of good my father has done. I do this to demonstrate: there are costs to being good and fighting the good fight. That church died. To return to the Last Closet, it wasn’t until Moira found her therapist, Dr. Conger, who seemed to be outside the orbit and reach of her parents, that the author found someone willing to help her breakthrough, even at risk.

Indeed, there is a strong theme of people grasping onto things, and not being willing to just let go, or go in with a flamethrower. Walter Breen simply went for whatever sexual desire he wanted, as if nothing would ever touch him, and that it was perfectly natural. At least one boy ate himself to death over it. Marion Zimmer Bradley could not give up Lisa Waters, even as she vampirically drained her bank accounts and kept a boyfriend while ostensibly being in a relationship with her. Moira chose to do whatever was in her power, even things harmful to her, to keep a property her mother had gifted her, but Lisa demanded she pay for monthly. Various characters cannot give up their sexual fetishes, even as they destroy them. I can recall at least 2 individuals who die of AIDS in-book because they cannot live a life without their chosen sexual gratification.

Died! Probably received that dread disease in exchange for a minute of pleasure. The devil does brisk trade indeed! And I am given a random thought that these men probably passed it onto other passers-by in the bath-houses.

Whatever dysfunction they experienced, Walter Breen and his ‘priests’ spread their evil as they could. They desired to build a pederast Utopia, but could not pay the cost, nor bear responsibility when the police came. The same with Marion Zimmer Bradley, who claimed lesbianism and brought in Lisa Waters, but could not face the reality when Lisa betrayed her over and over again. How many times is this lesson repeated?

Whatever reasons that Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley inherited – rape, lack of love and violence – they never, ever thought about overcoming their past in a wholesome, healthy manner. They might have thought they were fighting ‘Christian Prudishness’ or ‘Patriarchy’. But ‘Christian Prudishness’ wasn’t in the mind of the priest who sexually broke Walter Breen, and Marion’s father was corrupt and a failure in his patriarchal aspect. It is Moira and all the others like her who have overcome and stopped their dysfunction with their generation.

While God will judge me on my own sins and not the sins of my father, it is up to me that I willingly inherit my father’s sinful anger or lay it aside. The same is for every other human on earth. For the last fifty to seventy or longer years, toleration of what Moira’s parents did, who are merely archetypes for what I am discussing here, allowed their dysfunction to spread. That poor man who ate himself to death…

At least, in this age of near instantaneous connection, such things can come to light often enough that costs must be counted. They can’t be hushed up or threatened. The children of gay, and lesbian parents must be protected whenever possible. The sins of those parents must not be allowed to be brushed under the rug that some like Cat Rambo of the withered SFWA are attempting to do, even now. They must be denied that pleasure! The illusion must, and should, be shattered! It is so prevalent that their lifestyle damages children that Seth MacFarlane, who recently described himself as “I’m the self-righteous liberal douchebag… SO FAR LEFT I”M SPINNING IN CIRCLES” Through the insert character Brian from Family Guy, makes jokes of it.

Though, I doubt that he actually has an idea of the extent of the damage and pain spread.

The likes of Cat Rambo and others in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community have been tripping over themselves to defend the indefensible since this came out, aye, and before too. Every time Cat Rambo or others create a meme-worthy tweet or go on a rant against the Last Closet, they merely out themselves as the supporters of pedophiles and a hater of those who need protection.

She isn’t wrong about the 20 year old corpse, but equivocating accusations that only came out with a political campaign with detailed personal pain over decades isn’t tenable. If Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen are dead, then there is no reason not to denounce them. It’s easy enough to denounce your living political enemies, right? Well, the position of the SFWA is clear. They hate the victims of this abuse, and love the abusers and abuse.

They support David Asimov, who peddled the greatest volume of child porn in police memory. They support Walter Breen, who raped children, even his own daughter. They support Marion Zimmer Bradley, who did likewise and skirted murder, not satisfied with mere rape. They support Samuel Delaney and so many others that I cannot name them.

I, and everyone who is like me in service Christ, will never join them. I will not work with an individual who will not denounce those villains and their works. I will not read their works. I will not lift my hand to assist them or my pen to favorably review them. I am in complete agreement with the sentiment of Superversive Press, as described here:

As an aside -If someone were to collect the names of those who defended them, I think a lot of people like me would be grateful. Always good to know who’s who…

Like gangrene from the body, the rot of Science Fiction and Fantasy should be purged. The cycles of abusers should be shattered whenever it is met! TOR DELENDA EST! It is my personal promise to write and encourage in others such epitomes of literature that that generation is wiped away and forgotten, eclipsed! Indeed as they rally wagons around the dead, shall not the living cast their eyes upward, to the Author of all things and draw greater writing power than those necropolises and sex dungeons can provide? If those who follow Him stand strong and press the attack whenever possible, using the tools of the internet to hound them down, they will have to admit to evil, or else, impotently deny.

They want to protect their dysfunctions. They had power, a generation ago. Not any more. How can they silence a man like me who giggles madly at their spastic shouting matches, like insects kicking their legs in the air? How can they silence a much more dangerous man who has already experienced the worst they have to offer, the Dark Lord, Vox Day? The devil and his minions did and do much to try to silence Moira, yet the book was written. Because it was written, truth, truth abundant is flowing out and crushing their hiding places. Let them be wiped away and never inhabited again.

Men and Women of the West, a dark-spired fortress falls! It is clear, Deus Vult! God Bless and protect the children of gays!