The Failure of the Subversive & The Opportunity for the Superversive

If there is anything positive to take away from this weekend, it is this: the people, in general, know when some entertainment doesn’t serve them. If it continues to fail them, then they seek alternatives. Unserved audiences are opportunities that should not be passed up.

Nick Cole and Jason Anspach serve an unsatisfied audience with their [easyazon_link identifier=”B071GN8Y4G” locale=”US” tag=”superversivesf-20″]Galaxy’s Edge[/easyazon_link] series of novels, to great success so far, and demand grows for more. That’s the same audience realizing, in droves, that Disney’s not interested in serving them- as the reaction to The Last Jedi makes clear.

It won’t come quickly or easily, but the deliberate sabotage of major media properties such as Star Wars opens an opportunity for folks like the Noblebrights, the PulpRevs, and the Superversives to step forth and court that audience abused and discarded by an establishment that conducts itself like so many Hollywood stars and executives got accused of recently.

Of course there’s been talk on how to go about this. Brian Niemeier had a great post on this the other day, leading to a great follow-up post, and more conversation goes on elsewhere about making this happen.

Whatever else is said, this is clear: the time to come forth and contribute your voice to the chorus is now. Our friends across the Pacific have already noticed, and they’re wasting no time in reaching their hands our way. Let me show you just a few things coming early next year.

That’s right, a new Legend of the Galactic Heroes series, airing April of 2018.

A brand new Mazinger Z movie, due about the same time as the aforementioned series, with a worldwide simultaneous release. Don’t disdain this property; it’s got a huge global following, and many of the noble virtues we seek to uplift have always been present here.

We’ve got the opportunity to turn this ship around. Seize it. Fork away from the sick and dying subversives, cut them off, and build up our culture anew by serving that audience hungry for heroes noble and true despite it all, and succeeding.